TURKECO Construction and Energy Inc. is a strategy firm working in the area of sustainability.

  • Communities and Buildings Projects
  • Social Sector Projects


During strategic planning stage, we assist our clients, setting up sustainability goals and support them during the design and construction stages so that projects achieve the set targets according to international certification systems.

Our team uses international green building certification systems like DGNB, BREEAM and LEED to help clients design and built sustainable buildings and communities. We also advice on what type of certification system best suits the project. With our licensed BREEAM and DGNB assessors, we assess the design and post construction stages. With our LEED APs, we manage the LEED processes and complete the LEED programs.

As Communities Assessors, we are able to offer a service of rigorous and objective scheme assessment for developers to assist in the achievement and demonstration of sustainable design. Communities assessment helps planners and developers to improve, measure and independently certify the sustainability of project proposals at the planning stage of the development process.

We also consult to many projects so that they are designed and built sustainable even though they do not seek for certification. Starting daylight and enerhg modelling at early stages of the design helps design teams to produce high performance buildings.

TURKECO is the only firm in Turkey which has staff accredited in three most commonly used systems-DGNB, LEED and BREEAM for both new and existing buildings.


Managing growing cities and their supply of resources is an extraordinary task that places heavy demands on infrastructure and the environment. We work with municipalities, foundations, non-profits, and businesses to help create sustainable communities and cities. Our role includes:

Supporting city authorities in establishing sustainable communities development, and delivering solutions tailored to local needs.

Assisting private sector clients such as real-estate developers and infrastructure providers in engaging with cities and creating solutions that support sustainability goals.

Helping shape strategies to capture growth opportunities by building sustainable cities that minimize their carbon footprint while attracting new jobs and industries.

Among recent examples of our work, we supported Kadıköy Municipality and helped them develop a green building and sustainable communities strategy and develop an infrastructure sustainability plan for Fikirtepe project.

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